ISEA2011 Istanbul Art Market and International Networking Event

Press Release
July 8, 2011

ISEA2011 Istanbul Art Market and International Networking Event

Sponsored by Istanbul Sehir Hatlari AS and in collaboration with Elektra and Kasa Gallery.

ISEA2011 Istanbul will be sponsored in part by Sehir Hatlari, the famous and much loved sea transportation company in Istanbul that carries millions of people every day across the Bosphorus between the Asian and European sides.

Sehir Hatlari will provide ISEA2011 Istanbul with a ferry boat that for two days, Wednesday September 14th (5pm to 8pm) and Monday September 19th (8:30pm to 11:30pm), will cruise the Bosphorus with hundreds of ISEA2011 participants departing from and returning to KABATAŞ.

The networking part of the event, that will allow ISEA 2011 participants to mingle and network with artists, curators, academics and operators in the area of the creative industries, is organized by Alain Thibault of Elektra, Montreal, together with Lanfranco Aceti, the ISEA2011 Istanbul Artistic Director and Conference Chair.

“It is a great opportunity working with Sehir Hatlari and with Alain Thibault from Elektra. Alain’s approach to the art fair is efficient, structured and focused, allowing people to make contacts and develop projects together. This is the reason why we wanted to work together with him and his team that has over 15 years of experience in the sector,” says Aceti.

The Art Market event on the boat is open to and free of charge for all registered ISEA2011 delegates and attendees (non-presenters).

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