Not There

The art exhibit „Not There“ presents works that are not physically in the gallery but are visible through mobile phones and do not physically exist in real spaces, but appear virtually in a variety of locations: the Giardini of the Venice Biennial, Piazza San Marco, the Samek Art Gallery and Kasa Gallery in Istanbul.

Manifest.AR – exhibited artists: Tamiko Thiel, Sander Veenhof, Mark Skwarek, Will Pappenheimer, John Craig Freeman, Lily & Honglei, John Cleater, and Naoko Tosa.

How to view Manifest.AR artworks in Kasa Gallery:

Use a a smartphone (iPhone4).
Come to the Kasa Gallery – in the Kasa Gallery you can view the Venice artworks even though you are Not There
Go to the Venice Intervention mobile launch page:
Select an artwork, then launch.
If the free Layar application is not installed, select “Download app” first.

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