After ISEA2011

Istanbul, September 2011.

Here is a good summary of ISEA2011:

After ISEA2011 Istanbul

The 17th edition of the ISEA – International Symposium on Electronic Art, the leading world conference and exhibition event for art, media and technology, took place in Istanbul from 14 to 21 September 2011. The Symposium was the outcome of the synergy that was developed between the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at the Sabanci University of Istanbul, under the direction of the ISEA2011 Istanbul Artistic Director and Conference Chair Prof. Lanfranco Aceti (Goldsmiths College, London, Sabanci University, Istanbul, LEA Editor in Chief, Kasa Gallery Director) and the Conference and Programme Director Özden Şahin (LEA Co-Editor, Kasa Gallery Vice Director).

ISEA2011 was a very successful international event with the participation of 1,350 delegates, artists, and attendees. 450 paper presentations, 70 panels, 60 workshops, 8 keynotes, 4 fora, networking events, artist lounges, and other special events took place during the course of the conference program. The conference themes ranged from robotics to bioart, from computer graphics to ecology, from avatars to philosophy.

The exhibitions titled ISEA2011: Uncontainable, which took place in various spots all over Istanbul, saw the participation of more than 100 international artists working with contemporary electronic and digital media. Two video programs of ISEA2011, Dislocations and Geometries of Sublime curated by Lanfranco Aceti and Tihomir Milovac are continuing to run on the 400 square meters screens of the Media Facade of The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb. All of the ISEA2011 exhibitions were in the official parallel program of the 12th Istanbul Biennial.

A variety of publications will follow through the collaborations that have been developed during ISEA2011, including conference proceedings, catalogues, annotations, and special journal issues.

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